Volkswagen We. We’re rethinking mobility.
Volkswagen We. We’re rethinking mobility.
Volkswagen We. We’re rethinking mobility.

Volkswagen We.
Rethinking mobility.

  1. Rethinking mobility

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

For us, mobility is more than just your own car – that’s why we want to work with you to shape the mobility solutions of the future together.
Volkswagen We is a platform we provide offering digital services for everyone, creating a personal mobility service for every user.

A digital ecosystem is taking shape with people at its centre – and a whole world of digital services surrounding them. Open to all and available almost everywhere.

Be a part of Volkswagen We. All you need is your Volkswagen ID. 

Please note that certain services on this page may not yet be available in Ireland. Please check with your retailer if the service you are interested in is available in your market prior to purchase.                                                                                          

New pathways. New possibilities. New service. 

The world of Volkswagen We just keeps growing. We are working closely with strong partners, ultra-innovative start-ups and you, our users, to discover and try out new pathways, possibilities and requirements for mobility. We are developing all our digital services and mobility solutions on that basis, to ensure they are as relevant, helpful and sustainable as possible.                          

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud 2020

All new models will be connected to the Volkswagen Automatic Cloud from 2020 with the launch of the all-electric ID.3 2. Many functions and services are therefore only technically possible from that point, such as vehicle updates and functions available for individual purchase, which can be activated in the car. 

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