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Put your foot down. With electricity.

Converting to electric mobility? Simply get in! The e-up! makes it possible. Its powerful electric motor makes it great fun to drive – purely electrically, with absolutely zero emissions and a range of up to 160 kilometres. Discover everything that make the e-up! the ideal companion for everyday driving. For you too!


Here at Volkswagen, “e” stands for electronic and emission-free, as well as efficient. The e-up! thus combines an advanced electric drive with additional innovative technologies to provide a range of up to 160 kilometres. For lasting driving enjoyment in the city – and beyond.

  • Drive

    Zero-emission fun.

    The e-up! features an impressive, innovative, emission-free electric drive, and offers a whole range of clever and practical solutions for everyday use. Try this spacious, nippy city runabout and see for yourself just how exciting it is to drive “purely electrically”.

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  • Fuel range

    Go further.

    To work, to the gym, into town: you’ll arrive comfortably with the e-up!. And in environmentally-friendly style into the bargain.

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  • Charging options

    Charging your e-up! is so easy!

    And it even has a “tank cap”! Behind it is hidden the interface for recharging the battery with electric power.

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Equipment & design

Every Volkswagen is characterised by high-quality equipment and clear design vocabulary. Countless customisation options give you the chance to design your own personal e-up!. You will be amazed at how much choice you have.

  • Exterior

    Leave a lasting impression. Down to the smallest detail.

    Outstanding mobility, outstanding design: attractive design features transform the exterior of your e-up! into a veritable attention-grabber.

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  • Interior

    Your e-up! is a real looker. On the inside, too.

    The e-up! does not just cut a fine figure from the outside. It is also especially impressive on the inside – with an appealing design and numerous technical features.

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  • Equipment

    For a pleasant journey.

    Exceptional as standard: your e-up! features high-quality equipment and finishes and is happy to incorporate special requests.

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  • LED daytime running light

    Remarkably safe.

    It’s not only the electric drive which makes the e-up! so special. It stands out in the crowd with its attractive arch-shaped LED daytime running lights integrated into the ventilation grille. This can improve your safety, not to mention attracting curious glances in the hustle and bustle of traffic.


Reach your destination using navigation, speak hands-free on the phone, receive the latest traffic information, call up vehicle information or listen to your own music – modern Infotainment is convenient and straightforward in the up!.

  • "maps + more dock"

    The e-up! – with radio navigation on the move.

    Experience quick and efficient connectivity – simply place your smartphone in the dock of the e-up! and use it as normal for telephone calls, traffic information, navigation and music.

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  • "maps + more" app

    The app for your up!

    The free app for the up! With maps + more, you can enjoy all the benefits of your smartphone on the road. Simply install the app, insert the smartphone into the “maps + more dock” and enjoy functions, such as listening to music, offline navigation, multifunction display and more. Let’s go!

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  • Radio

    The one in the e-up! – singing along allowed.

    Give free rein to your singing talent. The radio in the e-up! not only provides great entertainment, but also hosts handy extras.

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Assistance systems

An astonishing number of driver assist systems ensure additional comfort in the up!. Even if you rarely notice this technology, it’s good to know that it's there.

  • City Emergency Braking System

    It knows no fear – the City Emergency Braking System.

    Lends a hand when required – the City Emergency Braking System in the e-up! provides assistance during sudden braking and can help to prevent a collision.

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  • Parking distance warning system

    Go for the gap. With optional parking distance warning system in the up!

    Tight parking space? And no-one there to wave you in? You don’t need anyone to help you park with the optional parking distance warning system.

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  • comfort pack

    Make the e-up! your comfort zone.

    A small car with the comfort and assistance systems of a large car? Where on earth would you find that? In the e-up! with optional parking distance warning system, height-adjustable front seats and other features.

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  • Reversing camera

    The most advanced reversing.

    The optional reversing camera is located behind the rear bumper in the e-up! and makes reversing so much easier for you. The camera image on the radio display at the front shows you what could easily be overlooked at the rear.

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The up! offers you lots of comfort in a compact space. Its extensive basic equipment, straightforward handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.

  • Climatronic

    Clean performance – the Climatronic with pure air filter.

    There’s something in the air. But it won’t get into your e-up!. The standard Climatronic with pure air filter keeps both the climate and the air in your e-up! pleasant.

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  • Background lighting

    Modern atmosphere, cool design – the up! exudes flair.

    Shine a light – give the interior of your e-up! an exclusive look with background lighting, which comes as standard.

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  • Multifunction steering wheel

    Keep everything under control.

    With the optional multifunction steering wheel, you not only control your up!, but also the radio, media player or telephone. Keep your hands on the wheel at all times and yet also have your up! completely under control.

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  • Spaciousness

    Plenty of space – the e-up!

    The e-up! is a phenomenon. Mainly because it appears much roomier from the inside than from the outside. This is due to its intelligent spatial concept. Give it a try.

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