The ID.3

New starts here

The ID.3 marks the beginning of a new, dynamic era in the world of e-mobility. Electrifying performance meets groundbreaking design and practical range. For people looking for change. The future is ready and waiting. Get on board.

First – at first sight:
the exclusive ID.3 1ST special edition

The exclusive details of the ID.3 1ST show everyone at first glance exactly who comes first: beginning with the 1ST badge and the striking rear pillar design to the 1ST steering wheel clip and the play-and-pause design pedals up to the special welcome on the welcome screen – this is your special edition. You can even charge for free throughout Europe for the first year as a We Charge charging service customer.


Only a few steps to your exclusive ID.3 1ST special edition  

The time has come: now you can secure one of the exclusive and limited ID.3 1ST special editions for yourself. And even better: you can drive it before everyone else!

The ID.3. Says hello. Electrifies you. Brings you on




Super smart: the intelligent lighting concept

Battery and range

Strong performance. Fast charging


The ID.3 says "hello". With light

A smiling woman getting out of the VW ID.3


Super smart: the intelligent lighting concept

ID.Light communicates with you visually and makes it easier for you to navigate through traffic, together with the optional navigation system. It uses a light and flashing direction indicator to recommend you change lanes. It can also warn you and help you navigate your way out of the situation if you find yourself in the wrong lane. If you use voice control, a light signal will respond to your voice. When you leave your ID.3, the ID.Light says goodbye – with a smart light signal.