With our Volkswagen Parts you’ll always make the right choice 

High quality and perfect fit: With our Volkswagen Genuine Parts and economical repair solutions, your car will stay 100% original, even following repairs or maintenance. 

A VW service employee in front of a VW car with open bonnet – Genuine parts
Genuine Parts 

You still need a replacement part? Then we recommend our high-quality Genuine Parts. They are specially developed for your Volkswagen and we provide a great part range – from our Genuine Battery to brakes, from spark plugs to silencers. 

A VW service employee replaces a part in a VW car – VW genuine parts

You need a replacement part?

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A VW service employee shows his customer new vehicle body parts added to her car
Body and paintwork

A captivating outer body

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts are the building blocks of your vehicle. They not only look spectacular, they also protect you, your passengers and other road users against environmental influences and in the event of an accident.

  • Crossmembers and bumpers:
    Absorb the large majority of the energy caused by a collision and distribute it across the vehicle body. Your passenger compartment is more stable.
  • Bonnet:
    Becomes deformed in a crash, thereby absorbing part of the energy produced by the collision. For fewer injuries and lower repair costs.
  • Wing panel:
    Protects pedestrians and other road users from spray water, churned up dirt and small stones. 
Our Paint Sprays and Paint Sticks 

Exactly the right colour

Small damages to paintwork can happen very quickly, but don’t worry: With our genuine paint sprays and sticks, they’re easy to remove. Find the exact colour of your Volkswagen – also available in a set with a clear coat.

Your benefits

  • Volkswagen Genuine Colours:
    Available in all standard Volkswagen colours. Also available for older models.
  • In a set with a clear coat:
    For the best possible result – also available for metallic and pearl effect paintwork.
  • For quick and simple protection:
    Prevent the spread of rust around damaged areas. 
Flawless rear from a T-Cross R-Line thanks to VW Genuine Paint Sprays and Paint Sticks
Glass, light and visibility

We make sure you have a great view. When out on the road, to see and be seen is vital. With Volkswagen Genuine Glass, Wiper Blades, Lights and Headlights on your car, you’ll see everything clearly.

A VW service employee checks the lights of a VW car in a workshop – VW service
  • Windscreen:
    Protects you from wind, rain, sun as well as noises and consists of safety glass, that supports the airbags.
  • Aero Wiper Blades:
    Keep a clear eye on the road – even at high speeds. The aerodynamic design fits perfect to your Volkswagen and the high-quality material provides up to 30% less wear.
  • Lights and headlights:
    Full brightness with no dazzling effect – for a good overview of the road and visibility for other road users with low energy consumption. 
The car battery is the main cause of breakdowns