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Find out how to activate your mobile online services via the We Connect app here. Activation via the infotainment system in your Volkswagen is another option.

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

This is how you activate Car-Net

Get through the day feeling more relaxed with Car-Net. Here, you’ll find guides to activating Car-Net online services in your Volkswagen and activating Car-Net e-Remote in your e-up! (e‑up!: Electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: 12.7 (combined); CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+2).

Want to find out if your vehicle model comes with Car-Net or We Connect? Try our compatibility check Opens an external link here. 

Activate Car-Net with the We Connect app

Activation using the We Connect app

Activate Volkswagen mobile online services with ease using your smartphone: Quickly and easily create a user account using the We Connect app and access mobile online services from your vehicle.

In these text instructions, we take you through the individual steps required to do this.

Activate Car-Net via the infotainment system in your Volkswagen.

Activation via your infotainment system

Does your Volkswagen have the Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’ service bundle? You can then quickly and easily activate our online services from your parked vehicle by using your infotainment system. In these written instructions, we guide you through the activation process.

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electricity consumption, kWh/100 km: 12,7 (combined); CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 0;efficiency class: A+

Activate e-Remote in your e-up! 

Car-Net e-Remote offers easy access to the key functions of your e-up! Find out how to activate e-Remote online services in your e-up! in our step-by-step guide.


Connect to the Internet

To enjoy all the advantages of the mobile online services, you need an Internet connection in your vehicle, as well as an active Car-Net licence. You have different options depending on your equipment. This video introduces the available options and goes through each of the steps.

If you’d like to read through the instructions, please find downloadable written instructions below.

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