Welcome to Volkswagen Malta.

Welcome to Volkswagen Malta.

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The Mizzi family has been in the car business since 1919 when Spiridione Mizzi entered the car hire business providing services to the Military and Naval personnel stationed in Malta.

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Over the years, Spiridione Mizzi, together with his three sons, John, Joseph and Maurice, acquired two other car distributorships and expanded into other business fields – property development, domestic appliances, soft drinks manufacturing and the tourist business, to become one of the largest privately-owned businesses in Malta.

Continental Cars Limited was formed for the purpose of importing Volkswagen Beetles. At that time Mr. Nordhoff from Volkswagen was fully aware of the fact that the Mizzi family had the Morris franchise.  Indeed this was considered to be an asset since Volkswagen management required a representative in Malta who had experience in the car business.


Continental Cars Ltd. started it operations as a motor vehicles distributor in 1952.  On 1st April 1974 a new Volkswagen Centre was built in Testaferrata Street, Msida.

In 1999 the premises was demolished and a new state of the art facility was erected.  In the new building one may find 4 different showrooms, each one dedicated to the respective brand, a valeting centre, customer car park and also new vehicles car park.  In the Aftersales there are two workshops with over nineteen car lifts, a diagnostic centre, wheel alignment/wheel balance centre, an air-conditioning centre and a spare parts warehouse measuring around 1,700 square meters.

The new premises was designed by a local architect together with 4  different architects coming from the respective brands.  This was a major task as Continental Cars had to combine all 4 standards and all the material used had to be approved by our franchises’ architects.


It is a wholly-owned family business, whose operations are overseen by a Board of Directors, who also represents a number of other companies within a relatively large organisation.  The Managing Director of Continental Cars Ltd. sits on this Board of Directors.

Continental Cars Limited is the sole distributor in Malta of the world renowned marques Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and SEAT.

Daily operations are the direct responsibility of the General Manager who leads a Management Team of six members, all of whom have responsibility for managing their respective area of the business
Over the years, the company has put together a very high profile of Franchises which it represents in all aspects and endeavors to maximize their individual potential in a relatively small and competitive market.

Continental Cars Ltd.

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