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We Connect Start
Connects you, assists you, gets you to your destination with ease

Electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 16.3-15.2; CO2 emissions in g/km: combined 0. Consumption and emissions data is only available for the vehicles according to the WLTP, and not according to the NEDC. Information on consumption and CO₂ emissions with ranges depending on the selected equipment of the vehicle.

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

The smart connection to your Volkswagen ID.

Are you driving an ID. family model? Then you can stay connected and all-electric on the road: The We Connect Start online services for ID. models with ID. Software under 3.0 bring digital assist systems on board, provide the latest information on charging management and traffic and control selected functions with the We Connect ID. app. 

From ID. Software 3.0, you can expand your connectivity level with the range of services available with We Connect for your ID. Find out which online services your ID. supports with the compatibility checkOpens an external link

An overview of the benefits for you:

  • Connected and internet-ready
  • Access to many vehicle functions possible via the We Connect ID. app
  • Use is free for the first three years

Ready to go when you are

Want to check your ID. model’s remaining range? With your smartphone and the We Connect ID. app, you can keep track of your battery’s charge level and remaining range when your ID. is online and check whether the charging cable is connected. If it is, you can start or stop charging sessions from your sofa. To do so, simply enter your departure time for work once and your ID. will be waiting for you with a full charge every morning.