The VW ID. Buzz Cargo parked in the mountains

ID. Buzz Cargo. Fully electric.

  • WLTP range:392 - 425 km
  • Charging time 5 % to 80 %:approx. 30 minutes

ID. Buzz Cargo: commercial mobility in a new dimension

What do you require from a modern commercial transporter? An electric drive, sufficient load compartment volume and long-distance capability: the new ID. Buzz Cargo has got it all. And thanks to modern network connectivity, digital systems and many intelligent features, it offers even more.

With the innovative ID. Buzz Cargo, we are putting a new generation of commercial mobility on the road. The new ID. Buzz Cargo, inspired by the look of the original Bulli, is the first fully electric transporter from Volkswagen. The result is a powerful and sustainable commercial vehicle that meets almost all the challenges of your everyday work.

Manoeuvrable, flexible and spacious: the new ID. Buzz Cargo

The new ID. Buzz Cargo combines a high charging capacity with great manoeuvrability: its small turning circle of just 11.09 metres is particularly useful on narrow urban streets. Thanks to its modern load compartment design, the new ID. Buzz Cargo boasts space for two Euro pallets loaded crosswise and a large load volume of up to 3.9 cubic metres. Thanks to the clever storage concept in the cockpit, almost everything you need for the job can be stowed neatly and safely – from work gloves to measuring rules. With its powerful electric drive, maximum trailer weights of 1,000 kg can easily be towed using the optional towing device. This means the new ID. Buzz Cargo can handle almost any challenge of modern commercial mobility.

The ID. Buzz Cargo drives on a road.

More sustainability for modern commercial mobility

The new, fully electric ID. Buzz Cargo offers state-of-the-art commercial mobility – even for those who sometimes have to travel longer distances. Supplied on a carbon-neutral basis, you can drive the ID. Buzz Cargo for up to 425 kilometres, without having to recharge. In future, when you are on the road, Plug & Charge technology means all need to do is plug in the cable for charging to start. Because of its electric drive, the D. Buzz Cargo also gives you access to urban low-emission zones that may be restricted for vehicles with combustion engines. The new ID. Buzz Cargo therefore makes commercial mobility more flexible than ever.

A woman at the wheel of the ID. Buzz Cargo.

You can experience the technology of tomorrow today in the ID. Buzz Cargo

The new ID. Buzz Cargo supports you in your day-to-day work with numerous digital features and ground-breaking technology. With the option to equip more than 30 assist systems and good visibility thanks to optional LED matrix headlights, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers a high level of comfort and quality. At the same time, it is always online thanks to its integrated SIM card. For example, you can conveniently update the digital functions of the ID. Buzz Cargo at the touch of a button over-the-air via We Connect.

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