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The new T-Cross.

The flexible SUV adapts to meet your needs.

The new T-Cross is a true all-rounder. It not only impresses with its striking, dynamic design, but its flexibility, too. With its countless design options, it offers you more freedom – freedom for spontaneous plans, extended trips and the diversity of everyday life.

Multifaceted and versatile.

Cara Delevingne is versatile. Just like the all-new T-Cross, she surprises with a new facet every day. Cara and the new T-Cross. Above all, these two are: #MoreThan1Thing

  • Cara, the model

    "Fashion is about being brave. There are no rules."

    Find out what Cara thinks about fashion, boundaries and boxes. Click here for the interview.

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  • Cara, the surfer

    "Surfing the first wave is like flying."

    Cara is a passionate surfer. In this interview, you will learn how she feels about it and what surfing means to her.

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  • Cara, the drummer

    "Rhythm is life."

    No matter how packed Cara's schedule is, she always takes her time to play the drums. In this interview, she speaks about her passion.

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  • Cara, the director

    "When there's chaos and stress, I'm calmest."

    Find out what Cara thinks about her work as a director and how she deals with the challenges on set.

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  • Cara, the actress

    "Every role is good if it has flaws."

    For Cara, acting is more than just playing different roles. In the interview she reveals what she learns about herself when she’s acting.

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  • Cara, the boxer

    "It's good to sweat."

    Cara loves exercise. In this interview, she explains what exactly she likes about it and how often she exercises.

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  • Cara, the photographer

    "I fell in love with photography."

    In this interview, Cara reveals what sparked her love of photography and explains the reason behind most of her photos.

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#MoreThan1Thing - also behind the scenes.

Confidently stylish

Confidently stylish.

The new T-Cross: an uncompromisingly flexible, all-round carefree package in striking crossover design. Get excited.

Everyday life can be this special, too.

Full of talent: the new T-Cross is functional and versatile. With its crossover design, wide range of customisation options, and outstanding practicality for everyday driving, it is the perfect combination of versatility and compact design. In short: it's ready for almost any adventure.

  • Interior

    As unique as your personal taste.

    The interior highlights include background lighting, premium upholstered seats, and three optional design packages. The interior equipment not only offers a high standard of comfort but can also be customised, too.

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  • Lights

    An illuminating idea. Right from the very first glance.

    The new T-Cross is brilliant in many ways: with its standard LED daytime running lights and halogen headlights, the city SUV is always in the spotlight. The Style specification package is also equipped with LED headlights.

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  • Wheels

    Rounding off the T-Cross: the wheel range.

    It’s up to you to decide which wheels make your T-Cross look its best. However, with our extensive range of wheels*, deciding could be tricky: the 16- and 18-inch alloy wheels add a personal touch to your T-Cross, such as the 18-inch “Nevada” alloys** in Black with a burnished finish.

    * Our vehicles are fitted with summer tyres as standard. As of 4 December 2010, in the Federal Republic of Germany you are legally required to adapt your vehicle to suit winter weather conditions.
    ** These alloy wheels are from the Volkswagen R range.

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Optional T-Cross R-Line equipment.

Underline the athletic, expressive appearance of your T-Cross: the optional R-Line equipment packages will add even more expression to the exterior and a stylish ambience to the interior.

Shows its true colours.

The new T-Cross offers more versatility than any other car: with the optional “Black”, “Energetic Orange” and “Bamboo Garden Green” design packages – available from the Life specification package and above – you can make the T-Cross even more distinctive and a true style icon.

The perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t like to fit in.

Adapt the new T-Cross to your personal needs and choose between the T-Cross, Life and Style specification packages. As always, it is up to you to decide whether the specification lines meet your quality and comfort standards.

Spontaneity is always a good plan.

Are you the spontaneous type? Then the new T-Cross is the ideal companion for you. Thanks to the folding front passenger seat backrest and sliding rear seat bench, it is spacious and also flexible enough to adapt to any requirements. Your digital cockpit: the innovative, modern Active Info Display available on request. This system displays your driving data and provides visualisations of the driver assist systems.

  • Rear

    Stay flexible while on the road.

    One of the T-Cross’ hallmarks is its incredible versatility – thanks to the sliding, segmented rear seat bench and increased legroom. To be specific, this means more space for you and your passengers and more storage space for everyone.

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  • Front seats

    Comfort that you’ll fall in love with.

    Simply sit back and relax: the optional lumbar support protects your back, even on long journeys. And the folding front passenger seat backrest in your T-Cross is not only practical, it also offers additional storage space for luggage and shopping.

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  • Space

    More room for your flexibility.

    Fancy more space? You can get it! With its versatile interior and large luggage compartment volume, the T-Cross offers plenty of space for passengers, luggage and spontaneous adventure.

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  • Active Info Display

    Enabling you to see exactly the information you want.

    Analogue is so yesterday. On request, you can replace the traditional tube display for a high-resolution one. The innovative modern Active Info Display gives you information far beyond your speed and fuel gauge.

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High-resolution emotions.

Whether you require the latest traffic information, want to use the navigation system to reach your destination or simply fancy listening to your favourite tunes – the T-Cross comes with countless simple and convenient ways to use cutting-edge technology.

  • Connectivity

    Connected to everything that’s important to you.

    You’re almost always online with your smartphone. Why not with your T-Cross, too? Car-Net “Guide & Inform” makes day-to-day life a great deal easier and makes sure you arrive at your destination feeling at ease. You’ll soon find that you can’t live without its practical real-time information and handy functions. And with the Volkswagen Connect app, you can keep an eye on all the T-Cross’ key vehicle data.

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  • Telephony

    Making communication easier.

    More power for your mobile telephone, tablet and MP3 player. Connect your devices with ease thanks to the built-in USB port. Mobile phones that use the Qi standard are particularly easy to charge: simply place your mobile telephone in the front storage compartment – and thanks to inductive charging you’ll be back at full power again in no time.

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  • Music

    In sound heaven: with Beats and Apple Music.

    With Apple Music, you can enjoy your favourite music in the new T-Cross and you can even stream from a selection of over 50 million songs. Apple Music is available for free for up to 6 months – for both offline and online use. And it can also be combined with the powerful “beats” sound system. No need to worry about the perfect sound any more.

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Dances to its own beat but is never out of sync.

The driver assist systems in your T-Cross ensure greater driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations or even avoid them. Even if you don’t always notice this technology, it feels good to know that it’s there.

  • Safety

    At the forefront. Not just in terms of style.

    Your T-Cross is equipped with assistance systems that are only activated when you find yourself in an exceptional situation. You can look after your own vehicle occupants, at the same time as protecting other road users.

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  • Driving

    Please don’t argue about who’s going to drive.

    You’ll have so much pleasure driving the new T-Cross. These practical assistance systems can also help to make many things easier and more comfortable. Treat yourself to a little more comfort on longer journeys, for example, or allow the vehicle to assist you in traffic.

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  • Parking

    Driving is fun. Parking can now be fun, too.

    Driving into a parking space can become a real test of patience. How good is it to know that the optional parking assistance systems in the new T-Cross can help you to park your car with ease.

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