A VW Touareg on a country lane, behind it an ID.3 – wheels and tyres

The right wheels and tyres for your car 

Your tyres are your only contact with the road. Discover information, products and services concerning your wheels and tyres right here – for the whole year.

A Touareg on a country road, mountains in the background – all-season tyres
All-season wheels and tyres 

Your solution for the whole year

Also known as all-weather tyres: They combined balanced properties for both summer and winter weather conditions.

You save yourself the second set of tyres and don’t need to change them – sounds pretty good. All-season tyres are a compromise – they combine features of summer and winter tyres. However, given their qualities, they are generally inferior to summer or winter tyres when it comes to driving performance. The trade-off in design: Either winter performance or wet weather performance is improved at the expense of the other discipline. 

The left front wheel of a blue VW – complete summer wheels
On the road with complete wheels

For the whole year

Our wheels are characterised by a tailor-made wheel-tyre combination, which is perfectly matched – both visually and technically – to your vehicle. And by excellent contact with the road – thanks to our collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers.

Your benefits

  • Increased safety:
    Special testing procedures for alloy rims confirm a high level of safety.
  • Modern design:
    Whether sporty or elegant, from the up! to the Arteon: Choose from a range of colours and designs from our Accessories rims collection.
  • Checks:
    Each individual wheel is given an excellent circular and axial run-out measurement, as well as a residual unbalance check.
  • Durability:
    Protects tyres by way of a simple reconnection procedure. 

The degree of safety of our complete wheels is proven by:

  • Comprehensive strength tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Vehicle tests
  • Material and surface checks 

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