We Connect vehicle view services - All you need to know

Vehicle view.
All you need to know.

Vehicle view.
All you need to know.

You're lying in bed and your mind is in overdrive: are the car’s lights turned off? Are the doors closed? You're in luck: these worries are a thing of the past. Simply take a look at your smartphone. It can also tell you where you've parked the next day. And keeps you up-to-date on vehicle status or upcoming inspections before you travel. All you need to do is drive.

This is an offer by Volkswagen AG, Germany.

Digital Manual

Your Golf offers you a multitude of technical functions and options. That’s why the vehicle wallet for the Golf isn’t just available as a printed or online document, but also directly as a pre-installed app in your vehicle's infotainment system. Find fast, clear and comprehensible answers to your questions with the Digital Manual – interactive and easy to access straight from the vehicle's infotainment system.

We Connect - Interactive tutorials for your Volkswagen
We Connect - Check doors and lights on your smartphone

Doors & Lights

With the “Doors & Lights” service, you can use the app to reassure yourself that your Volkswagen’s doors are closed and locked and that the parking lights are off. Feel safe and secure with a quick glance.

Driving Data

The ‘Driving Data’ function analyses your driving behaviour and provides you with information such as your average fuel consumption.

We Connect - Analyse and optimise driving behaviour
We Connect - Know where your Volkswagen is

Parking Position

With the “Parking Position” service, simply touch your smartphone display and it’ll show you where you parked. And the quickest way to get there, if needed.

Vehicle Status

View relevant vehicle information wherever you are. For example, the remaining range, current mileage (km) or notification that the battery needs to be charged.

We Connect - Important vehicle information always on view

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To use the We Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and to log in to We Connect with your username and password. In addition, a separate We Connect or We Connect Plus contract must be concluded with Volkswagen AG online at www.myvolkswagen.net or via the app Volkswagen We Connect” (available in the App Store and Google Play Store). For We Connect Plus, following vehicle handover, you have 90 days in which to register the vehicle at www.myvolkswagen.net or via the Volkswagen We Connect” app and use the services for the full duration of the agreed free period. The use of We Connect mobile online services is enabled by means of an integrated internet connection. Volkswagen AG will be liable for the associated data costs incurred within Europe, with the exception of “Streaming & Internet” services and individual in-car apps. For the use of the “Streaming & Internet” services, individual in-car apps and the Wi-Fi hotspot, data packages can be purchased from Cubic Telecom, our mobile communications partner, and used in the network coverage area within many European countries. The data in these package can be used by all users and vehicle occupants. You can find information on conditions, prices and supported countries at vw.cubictelecom.com. Alternatively, you can use the Internet Radio and Media Streaming with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone), provided it has the ability to function as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. In this case, the corresponding services are only available subject to an existing or separate mobile phone contract between you and your mobile network operator and only within the coverage area of the respective mobile network. Additional fees (for example, roaming charges) may arise when exchanging data on the Internet, depending on your particular mobile phone rate and especially when using the service abroad.

A smartphone with a suitable iOS or Android operating system and SIM card with data option with a existing mobile data contract or one to be agreed separately between you and your mobile data provider is required to use the free app Volkswagen We Connect”.  

The services included in the We Connect and We Connect Plus bundles may vary by country. Availability also depends on vehicle model, equipment and software version installed. This also applies to third-party services. The services are available for the agreed contract period and may be subject to substantive changes or ceased during the contract period. You can find more details at connect.volkswagen-we.com and your Volkswagen dealership. For information on mobile data charges, please consult your mobile phone provider.

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