A VW SUV with transport products from VW Accessories

Transport systems from Volkswagen Accessories  

No need to compromise: With our accessories for virtually all types of transport, you can create your own tailor-made space.

Basic carriers 

Whether it’s surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding or cycling: Our basic carriers provide a solid basis for all transport variations. Ask your Volkswagen Partner for details.

  • Basic carriers:
    Versatile: Our various roof structures can be easily mounted on the genuine basic carrier.
  • Cross bars:
    Our cross bars for your roof rail can be quickly mounted on your car and form the basis for all other structures.
  • Expansion set for basic carriers:
    With this expansion set, your basic carrier will be even more stable. Of course, it’s compatible with all rack systems. 
A woman in yellow at a Volkswagen car reaches for her kayak – VW transport solutions
Detailed shot of VW roof bars

Everything on board

Our transport systems provide the right solution for almost every need. 

A Volkswagen with a roof box from VW Accessories

Get on top of your packing

Comfort and safety are essential, even when loading up your vehicle – our roof boxes give you even more flexibility. 

Luggage compartment solutions 

Effective protection against dirt and moisture. From a slip-resistant floor to a net partition: Discover our practical luggage compartment solutions. 

Two friends enjoy the view of a mountain landscape next to their VW Touareg R-Line with a luggage compartment solution inside

There is a range of ways to transport your luggage. Find out here which is the right one for you. 

VW luggage compartment tub inside a Volkswagen to transport luggage

Luggage compartment tray and tub

They protect your car from dirt. The luggage compartment tray also prevents items being transported from sliding around and the tub stops any liquids from escaping.

A VW luggage net inside of a VW car

Luggage net

Our luggage net enables you to safely transport your luggage and everything else in the boot.
A Volkswagen car with a VW luggage compartment liner inside

Luggage compartment inserts

They’re light, flexible and tailored to fit perfectly in the boot of your vehicle.
Take your bike with you 

Simply transport your bike on the rear of the vehicle. Easy to mount, they provide support and are also effectively secured against theft.

  • Bike racks:
    Take you bike – and up to three more – with you everywhere you go.
  • Trailer hitch bike rack:
    With this rack, you can safely and simply transport up to two bikes.
  • Expansion set:
    With the aid of this expansion set, you can transport a third bike on the rack. 
A woman and a man on a trip in the nature, thanks to the VW bicycle carrier
Ready for anything 

To the hills or down to the beach? What you want is unique to you – just like our solutions from Volkswagen Accessories. Exclusively available from your Volkswagen Partner. 

  • Kayak and surfboard racks:
    An easy way to transport your kayak or surfboard on the roof of your vehicle.
  • Ski and snowboard rack:
    Can be easily mounted and locked onto the basic carrier. With the “Komfort” design, the practical extension function means that you no longer need to lean across the car when loading and unloading.
  • Bike racks:
    These bike racks can be mounted on your car’s basic carriers or cross bars quickly, conveniently and without a single tool. The aerodynamically designed bike rails ensure that bikes remain upright, making them easier to mount. 
Detailed shot of a VW ball coupling
Towing bracket 

Whether they’re rigid, for screwing on or folding away – our trailer hitches for a range of applications provide the best support. 


You can order our fashionable and practical accessories from your trusted dealer. Be inspired by the variety of collections and products. 

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